Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apple Inc. Sues Dunkin Donuts Inc. over Donut Hole

Apple's New Head Office Building With a Hole

Soon after showing Cupertino City Council, plans for new Apple Head Office building with a hole in the middle, Apple Inc. filed a law suit against Dunkin Donuts Inc.

Apple alleges, Dunkin Donuts stole their, patented as of today “Hole in the Middle” design. Apple wants Dunkin Donuts to be original and create their own donut designs like, bow ties, squares and triangles with no holes.

Ulundu Vadai

Apple spokeswoman Kristen Huguet in a statement said “Dunkin Donuts should think outside the donut and be original”. Apple advised Dunkin Donuts against copying the design of spicy snack “Ulundu Vadai”, which has a relatively smaller hole than a donut; Apple feels it will be offensive to the hundreds of Indian origin employees at Apple.

When questioned, Apple admitted they are aware, most of the franchise owners of Dunkin Donuts are of Indian origin.

Meanwhile, Dunkin Donuts spokesman, while taking bites of a glazed donut with a decent sized hole, spoke to the media. He said Apple stole the “Hole in the Middle” design from them. Spokesman added, this is a baseless allegation. According to him, Dunkin Donuts plan to counter sue Apple Inc. They will be seeking unspecified amount as damages-assuming they win their case against Apple, amount they win, will be donated to whichever weight loss program Kirstie Alley is with, on that day.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts spokesman also noted “We have been making donuts with and without holes since 1950, which was full five years before Mr. Jobs was born in 1955”. If Apple continues with this law suit, the spokesman said "we might actually make a touch screen donut and store it in iCloud".

Meanwhile, expert legal analysts said “Apple is clearly panicked for no reason. Suing a company like Dunkin Donuts for a design that has been around, since the wheel was invented; makes Apple looks petty and rotten to the core. It doesn't make sense to drag Indian employees to this issue. Call center employees in India might get upset and end up giving incorrect information to customers. This has the potential to mess up everyone’s play lists, apps and new iCloud. Apple should drop this law suit as soon as possible and move on”.  

Apple said “Even though the hole in a Dunkin’s donut is much smaller than the hole in their planned new building, it is of the same round shape 99.9% of the time”.

Unconfirmed sources said “Apple is planning on suing, Eve, of duo Adam and Eve, for taking a bite out of Apple’s apple logo, even after Steve Jobs instructed in strongest possible language not to”.