Monday, September 12, 2011

US Open Fines Chair Umpire for Serena Williams' Stinking Verbal Diarrhea

As expected, US Open announced their punishment for Serena Williams' stinking verbal diarrhea. Chair umpire Eva Asderaki was fined a fair and proper $ 150,000.00 plus her match fee. As additional punishment, Asderaki is banned from umpiring in 2112 and 2113 US Open. Wimbledon, meanwhile joined US Open in banning Asderaki for 2112 and 2113.

There is no word yet from French and Australian Open officials about joining the coalition to ban Eva Asderaki for 2112 and 2113.

US Open organizers reminded themselves “We have a zero tolerance policy for the type of thuggish behavior Serena showed today, and we showing the world we mean business with our punishment of Asderaki”. 

Serena Williams said “I am so traumatized by what happened out there, but I don’t remember anything. What this bitch did was unacceptable to me”. Continued Serena "I.Know.Where.To.Shove.That.Racket.If.I.Ever.See.This.Bitch.In.South LA. You know, I am glad US Open took care of it. I am so scared to go out there”.

Meanwhile, joining the argument John McEnroe said “Ridiculous! This is not the first time an umpire acted out. They scream and shout at Serena all the time. I was appalled when I watched Serena out there like that, trying to save herself. I know how she feels, I was there. Players need protection from abusive officials, period. I hope ATP and USTA will be tough in the future. They got to be serious”.

Eva Asderaki agreed with the punishment she received from the US Open. After meeting the tournament committee, Eva spoke with reporters “I apologized to Serena for her poor behavior on court today. A humble umpire like me, should never have questioned a legendary thug player like her. I don’t know how Serena saw my ugly inside, but I give her credit for finding it. I thought I was doing a good job of hiding it all this time”.

While the chair umpire failed to explain why she didn't go after Serena after the tirade, she explained that she grew up poor in a ghetto in Thessaloniki. At times she forgets where she is and her old self show up. Asderaki is really disappointed in not having the opportunity to umpire in 2112 and 2113 US Open and Wimbledon. Asderaki said, they have an old saying in Thessaloniki, that goes like this “You can take the girl out of South LA Thessaloniki ghetto, but you can't take the South LA Thessaloniki ghetto out of the girl”.