Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple CEO, Tim Cook Cancels Tomorrow's Over the Top “iPhone Event”

Tim Cook "Bored" at an Apple Event

Tim Cook, fed up with all the attention he is getting for tomorrow's world event  “iPhone Event” canceled it, and then sent everyone at Apple HQ home early.

Senior Personal Assistant to Cook, explained “Tim thinks this whole 'Event' thing is a bit over the top, silly and belong to another era. He wants to go on a different direction than Steve and be his own man.”

Bully-dogy Marketing VP at Apple, Philip Schiller, first swatted reporters like flies when questioned about the “iPhone Event” cancellation. Then, he decided to make a brief comment “There have been little signs for some time that Tim is no up to the task, I knew this from the beginning. Not everyone can wear a black turtle neck and a pair of jeans, and give an inspiring speech to the universe, to make people buy stuff they may or may not really need.”

Other senior management, however, kept an open mind and were less hostile. Scot Forstall, a rumored favorite of Steve Jobs, said “This is nothing more than nerves taking over Tim on the eve of the big day. A couple of stiff drinks in the evening, with a T-bone steak should do the trick. Event cancellation can further devastate countries economy specially for our caterer, wait staff and the barmen.”
Shrimp Cocktails Ordered Similar to This Picture Put on Hold
Meanwhile, Apples panicked event planner was heard calling suppliers. She asked the caterer to put shrimp cocktails and Hors d'oeuvre orders on hold until further notice. Freaked out flower shop owner was assured she can keep the deposit in the event, “The Event” really get canceled.

Tech gossip blogger Brad Perez of BradPerez.Com wrote “There are rumors, doing rounds at Apple HQ this very moment of a huge fight happened between, Tim and his boy friend at a Cupertino bar. Bar patrons heard boy friend screaming at Tim, to be his own man and do things his way. Or forever be known as Steve 2.0.”

Former CEO, Steve Jobs refused to add fuel to this raging fire by commenting to Live Blog. We didn’t ask Al Gore for any kind of comment on this issue.

Please Note: This is a 100% made up story by me, including not asking for Al Gore's comments .