Sunday, November 13, 2011

Apple to Copyright and Trademark Steve Jobs' Last Words “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”

New Copyright and Trademark Team
Apple CEO Tim Cook, in a special Apple event today, announced plans to copyright and trademark, Steve Job's last words “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” This enormous task will handle by Job's Apple spiritual partner, Jony Ive.

“Jony is capable of handling this maniacal task on behalf of the Apple family. He can create a wealth of goodwill by making this the most aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye, copyright and trademark ever.” Tim Cook announced.

Tim further explained “Last words like Steve's are uttered only once in a lifetime. This has a significant importance in the history of mankind. Indians made the mistake of not copyrighting and trademarking Mahatma Gandhi's last words 'He Ram'. We at Apple don't want that happen to Steve's last words.”

Industry experts calculate by copyrighting and trademarking Apple can make $ 2.5 billion dollars in the first year by just selling “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” T-shirts. Biggest potential is the still untapped “Oh wow” market in China. Experts believe Apple should dive right in there with “Oh wow” stores, before fake “Oh wow” stores pop-up in every street corner in mainland China.

Camera shy Jony Ive, talking to reporters about his added responsibility commented “At first I thought this is yet another dopey idea from Tim. But after he explained the beauty of it, it took my breath away. These are powerful words of a creative genius. Bold, crazy, magnificent idea.”

“I can assure you, this is our civic responsibility. We always knew Tim had remarkable vision to copyright and trademark. We never as a team, presumed or assumed Tim's acumen to use 'Oh wow' for Apple's financial gain. It really is bloody remarkable,” noted Jony Ive.

“Jony is still responsible for all the Apple aluminium in Cupertino and Foxconn warehouses. So, he will not have to worry about how much aluminium to use for copyrighting and trademarking of 'Oh wow'. There is a wealth of benefits for doing this,” added Tim.

Jersey Shore star 'J woww' reacted angrily to reports of Apple copyrighting and trademarking “O wow.” Her manager went ballistic and threatened to sue Apple for design and copyright violations in all parts of the world.

Not everyone is unhappy about Apple trying to copyright and trademark something they don’t truly own. Outgoing Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi and Iranian President Ahmadinejad gave their full support for Apple's efforts. They think US government also should learn, a thing or two from Apple about effective governance.

PS: Most of the words attributed to Jony Ive  are actually his words.