Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pardoned White House Turkey Refuse to Discuss Future in Detail

Obama Giving His Blessings to Liberty!!

Pardoned turkey 'Liberty' refused to discuss future with reporters in detail, after the White House ceremony.

According to Liberty this is strictly a private matter. After consulting her attorney and various close advisers, Liberty decided not to give all the details away.

“Also this is Liberty's wish. This view expressed by her, we will respect,” Liberty's Attorney who arranged the White House pardon, read from a prepared statement; at the press conference arranged by White House press office. “Liberty always wished her pardon come only from President Obama and no other president,” added the attorney.

President Obama gave his thoughts about Liberty pardon and what it might means to her. “She thanked me and told me how much she admires me. She told me she read my book 'The Audacity of Hope' while jailed in turkey pen. I thought that was cool.” “I think she is going to spend some time with her surviving family members tonight in the pen. Fortunately, under the guidance of her management team, she could find many interesting things to do in her free and private life.”

Her agent Candon Sulimanya refused to divulge details, but his assistant Nuri (not her real name) told Merduchs News, there are plans for a realty show, a book deal about her life story and a turkey empowerment speech tour are in the oven.

However, Liberty's immediate family that rejected the Thanksgiving dinner table visualization as a figment of Liberty's imagination, encouraged her to tell a few words.

“All I like to say today is; there shall be no Thanksgiving without liberty to my people. Free my people. I want to say to my Indian friends we know your pain.”

“We see a bright future for Liberty and she is not going anywhere, surely not till Thanksgiving next year,” Liberty's agent confided to gathered reporters on the record.