Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prince Charles to Succeed Kim Jong Il in North Korea

In this Picture Kim Jong Il is Not Ill - Prince Charles Accepted the Offer to Succeed Kim

Tired of waiting to replace his mommy as king in Britain, Prince Charles today accepted the offer from North Korean military leaders succeed Kim Jong Il as their next supreme leader. With this appointment prince will have the new titles of 'Eternal Leader' and the 'Great Successor'.

Title and the job Prince Charles has been waiting for all his life in Britain has not arrived, and there are no signs of them arriving anytime soon anyway. North Korean military has not announced the titles Prince Charles' beautiful wife will receive, but the prince is not worried about it.

North Korean state television reported, Charles agreed to their terms that include 'Over Work' and 'Dedicate his life to the North Korean People'. There will be less hand shaking and walkabouts in Pyongyang than in London, a supreme fact military wanted prince to understand before saying yes to the job.

“One has to deal with one's destiny. One expected funerals this year. Unfortunately, one never gets the funeral one wants from where one wants. One is moving to North Korea to be there 'Supreme Leader' and someday to die of  'Over Work'. One need to keep one's spirits up, nevertheless.” said Prince Charles speaking to reporters outside the Clarence House of his delight in finding work in tough economic times.

A North Korean government spokesman said “We made Prince understand he cannot leave this job in few years and go back to his wife, like he did before. This job is for life. And he agreed. So we are all very happy.”

In London, the Buckingham Palace said the Queen spoke with Prince Charles in the morning. She congratulated him for finally getting a real job and not waiting for her to find one for him. The mother and son agreed to stay in touch via Skype, email and SMS. The Queen, nevertheless apologized to the prince for having to wait this long the job he was born to perform.

Prince Charles' London staff will now move to Pyongyang with him. Staff is ready to 'Overwork' with the prince and his new comrades in his new kingdom.

Britons along with rest of the world expressed their shocked over the appointment. But, they also expressed their happiness over finally being able to remove Prince Charles from the dole queue.

Political experts believe this appointment would do little to relieve suffering of North Korean people. As they still miss their beloved newly dead leader. “There will be a meet and greet time for the prince, and his new loyal subjects in North Korea. Old chap cannot do any worse than he is doing now. But, one must always keep an eye on one's foreign leader,” explained Guardian's political correspondent Jim Hacker.